How to Have an Amazing Thanksgiving: Food, Games, and Connections

How to Have an Amazing Thanksgiving: Food, Games, and Connections

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly! It is a great time of the year full of family, fun, and lots of food. However, it is easy to overeat and feel tired after you eat all that food. We also sometimes overlook how important it is to strengthen our relationships with our families. That is why I am writing this article. I want to create a comprehensive guide to help everyone feel great on Thanksgiving. In this article, you will find information about eating, activities and games, and making connections. At the bottom of this article, there are sources and links for further reading.


Eating is the biggest part of any Thanksgiving, and it is vital to do it healthily.

Eating Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for you but are also tasty. Try to eat more pumpkins, pears and roasted vegetables on Thanksgiving Day. (3)

Overeating on Sweets

It is okay to eat some sweets. After all, it is a holiday. Just make sure not to overdo it. They are not healthy and will make you feel sick. This article explains how and why sugar can make you feel sick. Check out my article about sugar: Sugar: Where It’s Hidden and Why It Matters.

What if You Are Vegan?

Not many teens are vegan or vegetarian, but if you are, it can be hard to eat what you want during the holidays. (1) Most holiday traditions include lots of meat, eggs, milk, and butter, all things someone may choose not (or be unable) to eat. There are a lot of turkey and meat alternatives available. I think the company that makes some of the best meat alternatives is Tofurkey.


Eating is a fundamental part of Thanksgiving, and it is important to do it healthily. There are many things to do to ensure you are happy eating on Thanksgiving.

Activities and Games

There are lots of activities and games you can try out during Thanksgiving with your family. Everything is better together!

Preparing and Helping With Food

A fun activity you can partake in is helping prepare food. A lot of people have a lot of fun preparing food. During Thanksgiving, there is a lot of food to prepare. Here is an article all about Thanksgiving cooking ideas.

Set the Table

You can help out during the holidays by setting the table with plates, forks, spoons, and napkins where they should be so everyone (including you) can have a great time. You could even create personalized name cards for each person. Here is a guide on how to set the table to ensure everyone has a great time during Thanksgiving.

Drawing Paper

Something my family does every holiday is a drawing board. We put a big piece of paper over our dining room table with markers, crayons, pens, and coloured pencils. Every holiday, your family can draw something different, like hand turkeys on Thanksgiving, gift designs and trees on Christmas, and pumpkins on Halloween.

Thankful Leaves

Another tradition for my family on Thanksgiving is to create thankful leaves. It is simple. All you need to do is draw a leaf cut-out and write down things for which you are thankful. You can even decorate or colour your leaves. After everyone has made their leaves, someone can hang them up somewhere central, like the living room, kitchen, or walkway. We usually string them up like a banner.

Walking After Thanksgiving

After a big Thanksgiving meal, one of the best things you can do is go for a walk. (2) Walking after eating has numerous benefits, including improved digestion, better blood sugar regulation, boosted mood, and more! (2) This is also a great time to connect with people you may not see often.


There are so many awesome activities out there. From walking to drawing, it is hard to be bored during the holidays.


There are so many games you can play during Thanksgiving. They are all fun for children, teenagers, and adults.


There are many fun card games for Thanksgiving, including UNO, Apples to Apples, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, and more. UNO is my favourite of these games. I do not think I need to explain how to play it because UNO is such a popular game, but if you do not know how to play, here are the rules.


Charades is a classic game. There are many ways to play charades. Here is a rulebook. There are charades apps available too! A popular one is “Charades!."

Android: Download

iOS: Download

Mad Libs

Mad libs are one of my family's favourite things to do during the holidays. Check out their website to learn more. It is super fun to fill in the blanks and create funny stories!


Games are awesome! There are many games you can play during all holidays, including Thanksgiving.

Creating Connections

Relationships are essential, and the holidays are the best time to reinforce them with your family. Especially since the pandemic restrictions have been removed, people can now travel to see their loved ones.


Grandparents are so important, but many of us young people ignore them when they are around. During Thanksgiving, try to spend time with your grandparents as much as possible. You never know how much longer they will be around. They have amazing stories, and even if you have heard them before, they love to tell them. For example, my grandma is 86, and she has lived through numerous wars and economic recessions, a pandemic, has travelled across the globe, including to Hong Kong and Panama, and is just an overall interesting lady. I love talking to her and learning from her! Fortunately, I get to spend time with her often but imagine the stories your relatives could tell you.

Life Goes Fast

Life goes fast, so take advantage of happy gatherings. You never know, your next family gathering might be a funeral. During the holidays, try spending time with people you care about, like grandparents you do not see often. Ask them about their lives. They might have done something crazy in their life that you do not know about!


Relationships are so critical, but it is so easy to ignore them. During the holidays, try keeping your connections with far-away (and close) family members.


In conclusion, Thanksgiving is one of the best times to create connections, socialize, and have fun. It is vital to spend time with your family during the holidays. Relationships are also important, as you may not see these people again. Make memories with games and talking around the Thanksgiving table while you enjoy your delicious meal prepared with love.


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