Sunday Stuff – Edition #23

The 23rd edition of Sunday Stuff, a weekly science and technology newsletter.

Sunday Stuff – Edition #23

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ChatGPT: Maximizing Productivity

January 10, 2023 • Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is a new A.I. learning model by OpenAI that has changed the world. In this article, I will discuss how ChatGPT can help the everyday person. I started by asking ChatGPT how it could help regular people. It said the following:

The Dark Side of Smoking and Vaping

January 9, 2022 • Physical Health

Smoking and vaping can kill you! As teenagers, we often think we are invincible, impervious to any dangers. However, even the occasional smoke or puff can have lasting detrimental effects on our bodies. Smoking and vaping cause many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. In this article, I will explore their dangers in detail. I will also discuss how you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of these habits and what steps you can take to quit smoking and vaping for good.

Three Tools to Enhance Your Productivity and Save Time

January 3, 2023 • Productivity

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity and save time in your daily tasks? In this article, I will discuss three tools that will help you free up time for the things that matter most. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a business owner, these tools can help you get more done in less time and with less stress.

My Personal Battle With Acne

January 13, 2023 • Physical Health

Last year, I had a horrible experience with acne. I had swollen and painful bumps all over my face and even some on my upper body. It all happened in a span of two to three months. I was self-conscious about my face and did not take many pictures during that period. I tried numerous treatments like OTC creams, herbal remedies, diet changes, and more.

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The most recent recipes from Healthy Teen.

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Hearty Lentil Stew

January 14, 2022 • Dinner

This hearty lentil stew is the perfect dinner any time of the year. I eat this meal often, and it never gets old. I hope you enjoy this flavorful dish!

Simplistic Oatmeal

January 7, 2023 • Breakfasts

This simple oatmeal is very easy to make quickly. If you are in a hurry but still looking for something healthy to eat, this oatmeal is perfect for you!

Healthy Chocolate Cake

December 29, 2022 • Treats

You will never know that sweet potatoes are the main ingredient in this cake! It is sweet, but not too sweet. You can eat it on any occasion or as a snack.

Intriguing and Fun Content

I am now going to start experimenting with non-YouTube science and technology content in this section to increase the enjoyment for Sunday Stuff subscribers like you!

How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days

A 12-minute YouTube video by Wendover Productions

China managed to build a hospital to treat COVID-19 in only ten days! They did this with various engineering decisions to save time. Although it was constructed quickly, it was not cheap. Watch this video to learn about one of the fastest hospitals ever built.

How to Beat the Casino, and How They’ll Stop You

A 14-minute YouTube video by Wendover Productions

There are many strategies that people use in casinos to get an advantage over the house, including card counting. Sometimes these tricks are effective, and other times the casino will stop you. Watch this video to learn how different gambling strategies work.

Why There Are So Many Shortages (It’s Not COVID-19)

A 20-minute YouTube video by Wendover Productions

There are so many shortages. Every time I go shopping, there always seems to be another thing they don't have! Watch this video to learn why there are so many shortages.

Countries That Are Way Bigger Than You Think

A 9-minute YouTube video by RealLifeLore

Some countries are way bigger than you think. Did you know Indonesia is the same width as the U.S.A.? Did you know that China is the same size as Europe? Watch this video to learn about countries far more massive than you think.

Why Everywhere in the U.S. Is Starting to Look the Same

A 20-minute YouTube video by Wendover Productions

Everywhere in the U.S. is starting to look the same. Exits are the way to travel, and McDonald's is everywhere. The bathrooms are even in the same area in every building. Watch this video to learn why the United States is starting to look the same nationwide.

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