Sunday Stuff – Edition #36 – The Problem With ChatGPT

The 36th edition of Sunday Stuff, a weekly business, technology, and science newsletter.

Sunday Stuff – Edition #36 – The Problem With ChatGPT

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A 3D Render of the OpenAI logo

The Problem With ChatGPT: Bias

A 24-minute YouTube video by Upper Echelon

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can process vast amounts of information and generate responses to numerous questions. However, like all artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is not immune to bias. This means that its responses may be influenced by societal prejudices and stereotypes, resulting in a skewed representation of reality. While steps are being taken to address this problem, users must be aware of the potential for bias and critically evaluate the responses they receive from ChatGPT. By doing so, we can ensure that we use AI language models like ChatGPT to their full potential while minimizing the risk of perpetuating harmful biases.

The top of a tall building owned by Google

The Prevalence of Malware in Google Ads

A 16-minute YouTube video by Upper Echelon

Malware, or malicious software, has become a pervasive threat in the digital world. One area where it has been particularly prevalent is Google Ads, the popular online advertising platform used by millions of businesses worldwide. Malware in Google Ads can cause serious harm, from stealing sensitive information to damaging computer systems. Despite Google's efforts to combat it, the malware remains a persistent problem in its advertising network. As users, we must be aware of this threat and take necessary precautions to protect ourselves from these attacks.

A mostly black, beautiful library with partial statues

How the IRS Will Collect Taxes Even During Doomsday

A 6-minute YouTube video by Half as Interesting

As daunting as the prospect of doomsday may seem, it's important to remember that taxes don't stop for anyone - not even during an apocalypse. So, how exactly will the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) go about collecting taxes in the face of such dire circumstances? Firstly, the agency has full-blown plans for numerous emergency scenarios, including natural disasters, pandemics, and a complete economic collapse. So, even if it's the end of the world, the IRS will always find a way to get what it's owed.

A notification on a Windows 11 laptop that Windows Security found threats

The Website That Saved The Digital World

A 16-minute YouTube video by Wendover Productions

In 2017, the digital world was under siege by the notorious WannaCry ransomware. It spread like wildfire, infecting computers in over 150 countries and causing billions of dollars in damages. But amid the chaos, a hero emerged: a website that single-handedly saved the day. This website wasn't a typical superhero, but rather a domain registration that, when activated, prevented the WannaCry malware from spreading further. It was a small act that had a huge impact, and it just goes to show that even in the darkest moments, a glimmer of hope can emerge from the most unlikely places.

A picture of the sign above E Commerce street

Craigslist Has Sold Everything (Including Children)

A 25-minute YouTube video by Future Proof

Craigslist, the e-commerce giant, has been at the center of controversy for its lack of effort to moderate listings. While the site has been a hub for great deals and secondhand treasures, it has also been home to disturbing listings. One of the most shocking examples was the sale of children. Yes, you read that right. Craigslist has sold everything (including children). Thankfully, the site has taken steps to crack down on such illegal and immoral listings, but the fact that it ever happened is a testament to the dark side of Craigslist.

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