Tips to Improve Your Life

If you want to improve your memory, stay healthy, or be happier, this article is right for you. Here are seven ways to be less stressed and feel better about yourself.

Tips to Improve Your Life

If you want to improve your memory, stay healthy, or be happier, this article is right for you. Here are seven ways to be less stressed and feel better about yourself.

Creating Lots of Reminders

Hopefully, you know by this point that reminders are awesome! If you want to create some, all you need is your phone’s voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa). Just ask them to create a reminder for the time you would like. If you want a specific date, specify it. Otherwise, it will default to today.

If you like, you can take this further and see your reminders on your Home Screen!

If you use an iPhone, here is a tutorial.

If you use an Android, here is a tutorial.

Getting Enough Quality Sleep

Getting good sleep is easy for most people. If you have a sleep disorder, this does not apply (obviously 😂). Try keeping your room cool and dim, not drinking water too soon before bed, and limiting blue light exposure at night in order to improve your sleep. If you are interested in learning more, check out the sleep category! It dives into everything you need to know about getting enough quality sleep!

Drinking Enough Water

Water is vital for human health, of course. Drinking enough can make you feel more alert, reduce your risk for chronic illness, and even improve your athletic performance. It is difficult for many people to remember to drink enough water. This includes me.

An effective way to remember is to set water reminders. You can follow the same steps at the beginning of this article to learn how. Be sure not to make your reminders too frequent, as you may develop notification fatigue. Notification fatigue is when you have so many reminders that they start to feel normal and you stop paying attention to them, putting you back at square one.

Getting Plenty of Exercise

Exercising enough can make you feel more alert, decrease your risk for health issues, and even improve your sleep. There are many ways that you can get adequate exercise. Adequate exercise is not going outside and running for two hours, but that is great! It is a 30-minute walk, a 15-minute run, or some yoga. Check out “10 Exercise Myths and Mistakes” and “Exercise for Teenagers: A Complete Guide!”

Practicing Being Mindful Daily

Mindfulness or meditation helps drastically reduce stress. There are many forms of meditation, but one of the simplest types is just breathing. Just two minutes of deep breathing can change the course of your day. Mindfulness can reduce your stress drastically. If you are interested in other methods to reduce your daily stress levels, check out “Stress: Types, Treatment, and Prevention.”

Having Good Personal Hygiene

As simple as it sounds, many people do not do easy things like brushing their teeth twice a day or making their bed. Having good personal hygiene will make you look better and feel better. Brushing your teeth daily, doing your hair, making your bed, and keeping your room clean, are all great examples of good personal hygiene.

Be Social

Humans are social animals. Socializing isn’t just fun, but it’s good for you! Having enough social interaction will make you feel better about yourself, reduce your risk of depression, improve your memory and cognitive skills, and maybe even help you live longer! Simply going out for lunch or seeing a concert are fun things you can do with your friends or family.


In conclusion, there are many ways to increase your quality of life. Examples include quality sleep, practicing mindfulness, and being social. All of these small factors can build up to seriously change your life for the better. I hope that this article has helped you improve your life in some way.